Young children just out of nappies


Young children often need to pee in a hurry and it can be difficult to reach a toilet when not at home. Even if you do find a public toilet in time it may not be sufficiently hygienic.


A Travel Kit together with an Oval Ring holder in its travel case takes no more space than a pair of spectacles. Always carry one with you so that your child can use it whenever you are out and about. The urine in the bag solidifies within a minute. The bag can then be knotted and disposed of easily.


If you are out with small children at a festival or sports event it is handy to have a Pipinette portable potty with you. It is small and light and can be carried in the buggy or pram. This can be used together with a Travel Kit bag in case it is inconvenient to empty out the liquid.



For excursions events from kindergarten it is handy to carry a Pipinette or a Travel Kit with Oval Ring holder as a small portable toilett for children.


Sick children during the night


Children who need to pee during the night can simply use a Pipinette by the bed. This is particularly convenient for sick children who don’t have the energy to go to the bathroom.


Disabled children


The Pipinette range of products can simplify lavatory use for families with disabled children.

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