How Pipinette came about


I needed a potty at the summer house, on the boat and while travelling, but I could only find large, children’s potties to be placed on the floor. I felt that there was demand for a new product.


This new product could also serve as an excellent aid for those with hip, knee or back pain, after operations, during pregnancy or in other situations when it is more comfortable to pass water standing than to have to sit on a toilet.


The new product could prevent elderly people falling on the way to the bathroom during the night. It is safer to stand by the bed rather than risk stumbling when tired and dizzy.


This light portable urinal was designed so that women can comfortably use it whilst standing and is just as useful for men and children. Made of plastic, it is small, light, has a lid and is available in a variety of attractive colours.

The name Pipinette, for this hand held urinal, is derived from the word pipi which is a nice word for "passing water" in many languages.


Pipinette is suitable for everyone when nature calls – women, men and children.


Pipinette has received awards for function and design in Sweden, Europe, USA and Japan.


The product range includes Pipinette 990 ml and Travel Kit with a selection of holders. New is the translucent Pipinette 990 ml with a printed ml scale.


The Travel Kit consists of a thin bag together with a little “magic pad”. After use the liquid solidifies instantly and the bag can be disposed of at your convenience.


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Andrea Craig, President Pipinette AB

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