Pipinette with lid


When would you need a Pipinette?


Well, in any situation when nature calls, for example:

  • at home during the night
  • in a boat
  • camping or caravanning
  • travelling
  • at the country cottage or staying with friends


It is an excellent aid:

  • after surgery
  • for those with hip, knee or back pain when it is more comfortable to pass water standing
  • during pregnancy or in the case of incontinence

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Pipinette is designed for a woman to be able to pass water comfortably whilst standing.


In the 18th and 19th centuries similar female urinals or chamber pots called bordalou made of tin or porcelain existed and were used by women in the standing position.


Pipinette is equally suitable for men and even larger children. It can be used as a portable urinal or travel urinal, or instead of a bedpan or a urine bottle; it looks nicer and is easy to clean. Replace the lid after use to prevent smelling. It can then be placed on the bedside table and discretely emptied the following morning.

Capacity:990 ml, 34 US fl oz, 35 UK fl oz

Height:14 cm. Length:21 cm (with lid 25 cm). Width:7 cm.

Weight with lid 160 gr.


For product details and information on cleaning

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Pipinette Travel Kit convenience bags are available to be used together with a Pipinette in situations where it may not be possible to empty out the liquid. The magic pad in the Travel Kit bag transforms the liquid to a solid in one minute, making it easy to dispose of.

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