Travel Kit convenience bags with holders


A simple device for a tricky problem. Just find a secluded place! This is the solution to the problem of scarce toilet facilities.


Practical for adults and children as a portable toilet when travelling in a car or coach, out shopping, on excursions, at outdoor events etc.


For men and women in their working lives; train, bus, lorry and car drivers, police, soldiers, amateur pilots etc.

Men and boys can urinate directly into the watertight bag. Women and girls can use the bag in conjunction with a Pipinette or any of the holders, Oval Ring and Ergo Handle. Simply tie a knot in the bag after use. As the liquid has solidified the bag can be placed in a pocket with confidence before disposal in any waste bin. The solidified urine can also make a valuable contribution to your compost heap.


Directions for use and product information Travel Kit convenience bags


Oval Ring – Unisex and for children


Place the bag inside the ring, fold it down over the sides and you have a vessel suitable for use whilst standing.


Directions for use and product information Oval Ring

Ergo Handle – For Women sitting or standing


This holder is ergonomically designed to allow women to use the Travel Kit convenience bag comfortably in either a sitting or standing position. The bag is fitted around the holder. Women with impaired function in the hips, pelvis and/or hands will find this holder comfortable to use in the standing position, thanks to its narrow innermost section and long handle. Women in wheelchairs can even use the holder and it is also suitable for those who require assistance.


Directions for use and product information Ergo Handle

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