Hints and Links

Here we have compiled a list of hints that can make life easier when nature calls!


Toilet training children

Pipinette Travel Kit used together with the Oval Ring holder acts as a little portable toilet that fits in your pocket, taking no more space than a pair of spectacles. Carry one with you so your child can pee safely and hygienically wherever you happen to be!


Travelling with children

When travelling in the car with children a Pipinette is convenient to use and can be emptied at the side of the road. Alternatively a Pipinette can be used together with a Travel Kit bag and the bag can be disposed of at your next stop.


In traffic

In case of emergencies it is always safer to have a Travel Kit in the car to avoid embarrassing accidents!


By the roadside

Stop by the roadside and open the two car doors to form a shelter so you can discretely use your Pipinette.


Staying away overnight

It is convenient to bring your own Pipinette so you can avoid disturbing others during the night. After use simply pop the lid on and empty in the morning.


Beside the bed at home

Do you need to get up during the night? You can conveniently use your Pipinette at the side of your bed, put the lid on after use and place it on your bedside table. Being up a shorter time means you will find it is easier to get back to sleep afterwards and also you avoid any risk of falling on the way to the bathroom.


Fixing the plumbing at home

Many people use a Pipinette when the toilet is out of function at home.


A fresh toilet for elderly men

Elderly men can use a Pipinette as a hand held mens urinal held over the toilet and simply empty it into the toilet after use thus keeping the toilet clean and splash-free. When not in use the Pipinette can be kept on a shelf.


Raised toilet seats are not portable

Often those who have difficulty sitting down and getting up have raised toilet seats in their home. When away from home they can carry a Pipinette for use in either private or public places.


At the country cottage

Have a Pipinette in your guestroom at the country cottage and show extra consideration for your visitors. Furthermore, avoid unpleasant smells caused by the addition of urine to your composting toilet – always use a Pipinette for passing water.


Arthritis of the knee or hip, or difficulty sitting and getting up again

When in pain and waiting for surgery it is sometimes easier to pass water standing. Even after surgery a Pipinette is convenient to have on the bedside table to avoid having to get to the bathroom using crutches.


Can’t sit on your honkers? Concerned about ticks or nettles?

Many women carry a Pipinette whilst out in the nature picking mushrooms or berries.


At the garden allotment

A Pipinette is handy to have at the garden allotment or even in your garden at home. Easy to use discretely and the urine can then be used as fertiliser.


On crutches

When using crutches it can often be difficult to sit. A Pipinette is the perfect solution when you need to pass water.


Confined to bed

If you are totally confined to bed and wish to avoid using special nappies or asking for help, Femia is a new urinal designed for women in bed.

Read more about Femia at www.femia.se »

Travelling abroad

For hygienic reasons it can be good to have a Pipinette or Travel Kit with you in a foreign city. Some hotel rooms don’t have private bathrooms and in some countries the toilet is simply a hole in the ground! Check out the following links for information on lavatory comfort in various countries:



In a wheelchair

Women in wheelchairs can use the Ergo Handle holder together with a Travel Kit bag.

For directions for use see »

Men in wheelchairs can simply use a Travel Kit bag.


Sailing, boating, canoeing

It is handy to have a Pipinette on board. A Travel Kit with Ergo Handle holder is suitable for use in a canoe or kayak.


Detectives, amateur pilots, military pilots, etc.

Like bus and train drivers these people can all use a Travel Kit when nature calls. For stability women need to also use a holder. Perfect as bus drivers convenience bags and taxi drivers convenience bags.


While flying

It can be easier to stand and use a Pipinette in an airplane’s cramped lavatory than to try and sit down.


At the swimming pool

A Pipinette is handy to have with you at the swimming pool if your children need to pee in a hurry.


At a hostel

In hostels the toilets are often in the corridor. Bring your Pipinette for convenience if you need to pass water during the night or if you need to hurry to the bathroom in the mornings.


Rushing to the lavatory in the mornings

If you always need to hurry to the toilet when you wake up you can conveniently use a Pipinette as soon as you rise. If you have difficulty getting out of bed

read about Femia www.femia.se »


Fertiliser for plants

Urine is an excellent fertiliser for the garden and vegetable patch – use one part urine with nine parts water.


Please tell us if you have any recommended additional uses for Pipinette products and we will happily add them to our list of hints!

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